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Small Groups

Small groups - where we grow

This is something we really believe in and practice! A small group of people with whom you do life - - support each other, have meals together, pray for each other, study together, help move house together... this is where we really grow in our lives as we seek to live for Jesus. Join one today by contacting these wonderful people.

Robbie and Julia Parker

Every Wednesday night

Contact: 021452454

Owen and Irene Gabbie

Meets every Thursday night

Contact: 544 0249

Gordon and Glenys Nairn

Meets every Monday evening including a shared meal

Contact: 027 544 2882

Jo Swart

Meets every Wednesday night

Contact: 0210 292 9339

Sandi Bell

Meets Wednesdays fortnightly

Contact: 027 665 5742

Ladies Lunch

Meets Tuesdays every fortnight for a shared lunch

Contact Lucy on 544 2784 or Julie on 544 38980

Youth Group with Peter van Zweeden

Meets Sunday at 6.10pm

Contact: 027 291 5488

Bruce  & Karen Wallen 

Meets Thursday 7.30pm 

Contact Bruce: 021 630 529